1. TrilioVault Release Notes

1.1. 2.6 Service Pack 1

TrilioVault 2.6 SP1 provides a number of enhancements and fixes for the following items:

1.1.1. Enhancements

  • Improved TrilioVault exception handling and error messaging (Case #: 1070, 1082, 1083, 1089, 1074)
  • Enhanced job cancel functionality to handle infrastructure failures events (Case #: 1069, 1075)
  • Job cancel functionality through Horizon Dashboard

1.1.2. Resolved Issues

Case Description Resolution
1075 Snapshot can remain in waiting_for_upload state, preventing the ability to clean up workloads in this state This problem manifests when the compute node is configured for multipath and has too many devices to scan. This service pack cleans up any temp cinder volumes or snapshots during backup failures to help eliminate device scan issues.
1069 snapshot_cancel API call may take too long to terminate ongoing backup/restore. The job cancellation mechanism is enhanced to terminate during data transfer phase of backup and restore operations.
1080 Log rotation on the TrilioVault VM sometimes not functioning Trilio now successfully rotates all logs on TVM.
  Snapshots and temporary volumes are left behind from after failed job runs Trilio now cleans temp volumes and snapshots.
  Scheduler sometimes trigger two snapshot at the same time Trilio resolved internal snapshot process which was triggering two snapshots at job run.
  When a user that created a workload has been deleted, the scheduler attempts to run the backup and fails, however this does not show up as a failed job in the UI The failed job is listed in snapshot list

1.1.3. Known Issues

Case Description Resolution
1066,1058 Snapshot type shows as incremental although it is full.

This issue manifests in two scenarios:

  • The baseline (oldest) snapshot is always full. Upon deletion of the oldest snapshot (e.g. due to retention expiration), the data is merged into the next oldest snapshot which then becomes full. The snapshot type field is currently updated only during the scheduled copy. As a result, if a baseline snapshot is manually deleted, then the displayed type of the remaining snapshot incorrectly depicts incremental until the next scheduled copy.
  • The last snapshot metadata is not updated in backup media. So when you are upgrading TrilioVault from older versions, the oldest snapshot may be shown as incremental, which corrects itself when next snapshot is taken
1092 Snapshot fails with error “snapshotvmuf and duplicate producers are disallowed” Please check your workload for any duplicate VM entries. To remove any duplicates, open edit workload dialog in horizon dashboard and click Update Workload botton.

1.2. 2.6 GA

1.2.1. New Feature(s) Workload Policy

Workload policy is a feature that gives the cloud administrator control over what policies tenant(s) can apply to their workloads. These policies are created and managed by admin and can be designated to individual tenants within the cloud. Tenant Metering and Usage

TrilioVault administrator panel gives a full backup summary on cloud utiliazations at the tenant level. Cloud administrators can leverage this data for chargeback/showback. Performance Improvements

The Trilio Datamover has native qcow2 generation functionality built into its core and no longer relies on libguestfs. This improvement results in a much more efficient and streamlined backup process. Security Group Improvements

OpenStack Security Groups can have circular references through the remote_group_id attribute (SecGrpA -> SecGrpB -> SecGrpC -> SecGrpA). Prior to this release, Trilio had issues handling Clouds in this configuration. TrilioVault 2.6 now fully supports OpenStack Securty Groups with circular refrences during the backup and recovery process.

1.2.2. Qualifications and Certifications

  • Sybase ASE 16
  • RedHat OpenStack Platform 10 Certified
  • Mirantis Cloud Platform

1.2.3. Qualified Environments

OpenStack Distributions

  • Mirantis Fuel 7.0, 8.0, 9.0, 9.1
  • Mirantis Cloud Platform
  • Red Hat OSP 11 and below
  • SUSE OpenStack Cloud 6, 7
  • Canonical

OpenStack Upstream Release

  • Kilo
  • Liberty
  • Mitaka
  • Newton
  • Ocata

Compute Node OS

  • Red Hat 7.2
  • CentOS 7.2
  • Ubuntu 14.04
  • Ubuntu 16.04

1.2.4. Known Issues & Limitations

Issues and Workarounds
Sr. No. Issues Workaround/Resolution
TrilioVault Ansible Playbooks are only tested on Linux platforms. They are not qualified with MacOS or Windows systems Please use Linux box for running ansible scripts. TrilioVault ansible scripts are qualified with: Ansible: and
Multi region OpenStack environments In a multi-region OpenStack environment, you need to install TrilioVault in every region
Multiple OpenStacks Clouds One TrilioVault deployment can only service one OpenStack deployment
workloadmgr workload-get-importworkloads-list If the NFS share is shared between multiple OpenStack clouds, workload-get-importworkloads-list will list all the workloads on the NFS share. It does not filter based on the current OpenStack
Trove instances are not supported Trove instances are managed by Trove service. When TrilioVault restores any instances, the instances UUIDs are different than what Trove service expects and are not recognized by Trove and can’t be managed by Trove service any longer

For various timely workarounds and updates, please check our kb articles at TrilioVault support portal