1. 3.1 Release Notes

Sep 13, 2018

1.1. TrilioVault 3.1 Release Notes

This document provides information on TrilioVault 3.1, highlighting new features, enhancements and known issues at the time of release.

1.2. Release Scope

TrilioVault release 3.1 provides support for OpenStack Pike and Queens releases. It introduces a new service architecture that eliminates dependency on the Nova extension facility which is no longer available.

Deployment methods supported by this release are:

  1. Trilio’s Installation Tools (Shell based) for all supported Pike and Queens environments
  2. Red Had Director for RHOSP13

Integration with the Juju service orchestration framework, in collaboration with Canonical is underway. Full support is expected within a few weeks after this GA

1.2.1. Updated Architecture

Feature Use Case Customer benefit

Eliminate dependency on Nova extension facility

  • Trilio functionality for Pike, Queens and beyond Description

The OpenStack Nova api extension facility was originally designed to allow ISVs to leverage the Nova API implementation for efficient custom APIs.  TrilioVault has leveraged that framework since inception to implement our data mover API functionality. With that facility removed from Nova, Trilio has implemented its own API service. Release 3.1 introduces the Data Mover API (dmapi) endpoint, which handles communication with the Data Mover.  There is no change to the Data Mover itself, which is deployed on each Nova compute node.

1.2.2. Lifecycle Management

Feature Use Case Description Customer benefit

Shell based deployment

  • OpenStack Pike and Queens Upstream environments
Updated shell installation scripts to deploy the new Trilio service architecture
  • Out of the box automated installation of Trilio

Red Hat Director deployment

  • RHOSP 13 environments
  • TrilioVault deployment added to the Undercloud
  • Trilio’s integrated service components (Data Mover and dmapi) deployed as containers
  • Ease of use for customers using Director for life cycle management
  • Trilio’s integrated service components deployed as containers

1.3. Deprecated Functionality

Topic Description Alternative
Not compatible with older OpenStack versions Due to the architectural change, Trilio Release 3.1 supports OpenStack Pike or higher. For older OpenStack releases use Trilio 3.0

1.4. Known Issues

This release contains the following known issues which are tracked for a future update.

Case # Description Workaround
Ansible deployment Release 3.1 does not support the standalone Ansible method of deployment. Deploy using one of the other methods described above.
TVAULT-2731 User has to manually install pip package when installing horizon plugin on Ubuntu OS as easy_install is missing

On Ubuntu 16.04 (Pike/Queen) Distro, easy_install package should be present in python-setup tools. This would be a pre-requisite; if this isn’t there, please follow below mentioned workaround.


execute following commands before running tvault-horizon-plugin.sh scripts.

apt-get install python-pip pip install http://<TVAULT_IP>:8081/packages/pip-7.1.2.tar.gz

TVAULT-2802 If we install dmapi repeatedly on same setup, dmapi service sometime block the port and went down with error ” address already in use

Run following command on openstack controller

ps -ef | grep -i [d]mapi-api | awk '{print $2}' | xargs kill -9

1.5. OpenStack Distribution and Deployment Support Matrix

Release 3.1 can be deployed on Pike and Queens as follows:

Distribution Pike Queens    
  Trilio Install Tools - shell (1) Distro method (Juju, Director) Trilio Install Tools - shell (1)

Distro method

(Juju, Director)

  • Ubuntu
  • CentOS with RDO distribui tion
  • RHEL with RDO distribu tion
  • Ubuntu
  • CentOS with RDO distr ribution
  • RHEL with RDO dist ribution
Red Hat
  • RHEL with Red Hat openstac k-12
no (2)
  • RHEL with Red Hat openstac k-13
  • Director with RHOSP 13 (3 )
  • Canonical


    Cloud (Pike)

no (4)
  • Canonical


    Cloud (Queens)

yes (4)
  • (1) Ansible based installation was introduced in 3.0. Modifications to support the new architecture are being added and will become available in the near future
  • (2) RHOSP12 is a short-lived release and will not be supported by Trilio using Red Hat Director
  • (3) TrilioVault 3.1 is officially certified by Red Hat for Red Hat OpenStack Platform 13. Please refer to TrilioVault - Red Hat Certified Software - Red Hat Customer Portal
  • (4) Juju charms for TrilioVault are available at Juju charms for TrilioVault. TrilioVault charms are not yet available upstream.

Please refer to TrilioVault 3.1 Deployment Guide for additional Software and Hardware requirements