1. 3.2 Release Notes

March 31, 2019

1.1. TrilioVault 3.2 Release Notes

This document provides information on TrilioVault 3.2, highlighting new features, enhancements and known issues at the time of release.

1.2. Release Scope

TrilioVault release 3.2 provides support for OpenStack Pike, Queens, and Rocky releases. This release superceded 3.1 release.

Deployment methods supported by this release are:

  1. Trilio’s Installation Tools (Shell based) for all supported Pike, Queens, and Rocky environments
  2. Red Had Director for RHOSP13
  3. Canonical Juju charms for Queens

1.2.1. Lifecycle Management

Feature Use Case Description Customer benefit

Shell based deployment

  • OpenStack Pike, Queens, and Rocky Upstream environments
Updated shell installation scripts to deploy the new Trilio service architecture
  • Out of the box automated installation of Trilio

Red Hat Director deployment

  • RHOSP 13 environments
  • TrilioVault deployment added to the Undercloud
  • Trilio’s integrated service components (Data Mover and dmapi) deployed as containers
  • Ease of use for customers using Director for life cycle management
  • Trilio’s integrated service components deployed as containers

Canonical Juju Charms

  • Canonical Juju charms for Queens
  • TrilioVault end-to-end deployment is automated through Juju charms
  • Ease of deployment and management using one cloud life cycle management

1.3. Deprecated Functionality

Topic Description Alternative
Not compatible with older OpenStack versions Due to the architectural change, Trilio Release 3.2 supports OpenStack Pike or higher. For older OpenStack releases use Trilio 3.0
Configuration backup More and more OpenStack deployments are moving towards container based. All OpenStack services configurations are isolated to their hosted containers and hence configuration backup is not supported. Usually container based deployments use some configuration management tools and the configuration is maintained as code including versioning. Configuration backup is not needed in these cases. Even otherwise, these deployments offer some kind of backup facility

1.4. Known Issues and Workarounds

This release contains the following known issues which are tracked for a future update.

Case # Description Workaround
1 cluster going down post upgrade from 3.1.62 to 3.2.45

pacemaker should be reset using following command: Login in TVM

# pcs resource cleanup

Snapshot triggered manually as well as scheduler started working normall after this fix.


3 node TVM cluster Re-Configuration

pcs resources in failed states

During reconfiguration:

  • Clean up the pcs resources if they are in failed states
# pcs resource cleanup

if the failed state persists, delete the resources which are in failed state

# pcs resource delete <resource_name>

3 node TVM cluster Configuration Fails

rabbitmq cluster creation/join failed.

  • remove all files from /var/lib/rabbitmq/

3 node TVM Configuration Fails

restart of rabbitmq-server service fail

reboot all the nodes

Snapshots scheduled by job scheduler fails with

exceptions must be old-style classes
derived from BaseException, not
If workload is created by X user and jobscheduler is updated by Y user. In that case jobscheduler saves creds of Y user for which trust is not created. In that case snapshots trigerred by scheduler will fail. The actual error message is suppressed by some other error. “exceptions must be old-style classes or derived from BaseException, not NoneType”. From GUI, edit workload and click update button. It will update the user id of workload with the current user.
6 IPv6 - Selective restore fails when selected from snapshot view drop down. Restore the snapshot from Restores tab in the Snapshots page.

[snapshot]: volume booted snapshots are faling with privsep error in containerized environment. After installation trlio components nova_sudoers has follwoing entrires:

nova ALL = (root) NOPASSWD: /openstac
nova ALL = (root) NOPASSWD: /home/tva
ult/.virtenv/bin/privsep-helper *

and volume booted snaspphts are failng with error:

Failed creating workload snapshot:
Data transfer failed - Error: privsep
helper command exited non-zero (1)

append following line in nova_sudoers.

nova ALL = (root) NOPASSWD: /openstack/venvs/nova-18.1.5/bin/privsep-heler *
helper *

1.5. OpenStack Distribution and Deployment Support Matrix

Release 3.2 can be deployed on Pike, Queens, and Rocky as follows:

Distribution Pike Queens Rocky
  Trilio Install Tools - shell Distro method (Juju, Director) Trilio Install Tools - shell
  • Ubuntu
  • CentOS with RDO distribui tion
  • RHEL with RDO distribu tion
  • Ubuntu
  • CentOS with RDO distr ibution
  • RHEL with RDO distri bution
  • Ubuntu
  • CentOS with RDO distr ibution
  • RHEL with RDO dist ribution
Red Hat
  • RHEL with Red Hat openstac k-12
RHEL with RHOSP13 no
  • Canonical OpenStack cloud
Canonical Juju Charms no

Please refer to TrilioVault Deployment Guide for additional Software and Hardware requirements