1. 3.5 TrilioVault for RHV Release Notes

May 1, 2019

1.1. TrilioVault for RHV 3.5 Release Notes

1.1.1. Introduction

This document provides information on TrilioVault 3.5 GA, highlighting features/scenarios tested and found working/not working/partially working at the time of release.

1.1.2. Release Scope

TrilioVault 3.5 GA provides support for RHV-4.2.8 releases.

Deployment methods supported by this release are: Trilio’s Installation Tools (Ansible based)

1.1.3. Release Coverage

TrilioVault 3.5 GA aims at covering the basic product functionalities which works in sync with RHV engine. Following table would help in getting a better understanding as to what is delivered and what is not under current release.

RHV Version Details : RHV-4.2.8, ImageIO Daemon and Proxy should be of version 1.4.0 and greater which supports ovirt-4.2 version.

Released features
S.No Features/Scenarios
1 File Search
2 Password-less ImageIO configuration
3 Internet-less ImageIO Config
4 Import Workloads from backup media
5 Uninstall
6 Snapshot(iSCSI/NFS)
7 Snapshot (iSCSI) template booted VMs
8 Selective Restore (VMs booted from templates)
9 One Click Restore (VMs booted from templates)
10 Selective Restore (VMs booted from ISO)
11 One Click Restore (VMs booted from ISO)
12 Re-initialize
13 Workload Reset
14 Global Job Scheduler
15 Scheduler (Workload specific)
16 Snapshots Delete

1.1.4. Known Issues/Workarounds

TrilioVault 3.5 GA release contains the following known issues which will be addressed in future releases

IssueID Summary Workaround (if any)
RHV-290 Global Scheduler when enabled after re-initialize and reconfiguration of TVM, the local workload schedulers are not auto-enabled
  • Keep Global Scheduler enabled.
  • Perform Re-initialize of TVM.
  • Perform Import all workloads.
  • Observe Backup tab –> Workload –> Policy tab –> “Next Snapshot Run at”
  • Next run shows the correct run time and backup job is getting triggered at the exact given “Next run” time.
RHV-288 Scheduler: Setting up a future date schedule is failing Select time of future scheduler date as more than current time.
RHV-287 Ansible playbook (tags daemon) fails if backup target (NFS) is already mounted on RHV host
  • Manually umount the nfs backup target from RHV host and then re-run the playbook.
  • Run the Uninstall Script on TVM as given
# cd /opt/stack/imageio-ansible
# ansible-playbook site.yml -i
  inventories/production/daemon --tags
# ansible-playbook site.yml -i
  inventories/production/proxy --tags

This will remove the NFS target mounts from all hosts

RHV-284 Workload Reset: No operation is performed on UI, got immediate message- “Workload Reset Successful”, however got an error trace in wlm logs - “Failed to reset: get_all_vm_snapshots() takes exactly 3 arguments (2 given)”  
RHV-281 Snapshots are failing intermittently with “No such ticket” error for an Image Ticket from proxy.  
RHV-280 Snapshots of the VMs that were once part of the workload are not retained through Retention  
RHV-277 Scheduler : Next run is not calculated correctly and the job is triggered as per the shown next run time.  
RHV-275 Import Workload UI : Failure message is not displayed on the UI and any incorrect input for workload IDs is not validated on UI  
RHV-272 Mixed Snapshots with new NFS disk, are taking longer than expected  
RHV-269 Windows File Search is case sensitive. if search pattern does not match the case with files/folder present on VM, file search fails Provide file names with case sensitive names
RHV-265 Global Scheduler disabled: A new workload created fails to enable the job scheduler when global job scheduler is enabled. Manually enable local scheduler after enabling global job scheduler.
RHV-262 Cannot edit workload when global scheduler is disabled Keep global job scheduler enabled during workload edit
RHV-261 Configure TVM : All entered data is gone if we switch from configuration page tab to any other tab, before clicking submit  
RHV-248 Snapshots are failing with referance to old mixed snapshot’s backing file with error - Stderr: ‘qemu-img: Image does not have a backing filen’  
RHV-247 Selective Restore of VMs from a workload containing 100VMs Fails with inappropriate error. Scenario working fine upto 25 VMs per workload
RHV-246 Selective Restore : VM instances tab does not list all VMs from the workload where VM count in workload are ~100 Scenario working fine upto 25 VMs per workload
RHV-244 Backup tab page requires manual refresh to get the updated status  
RHV-241 Restore of VMs created from template having iSCSI disks are failing.  
RHV-239 VM is dettached from a pool when one click restore is performed for it  
RHV-229 TVM Configurator> Submit Button disabled : Validation for RHV password is not done in case of auto remembered password  
RHV-227 There are no timeouts if diks transfer does not start due to failure in ovirt_celery service  
RHV-216 Inplace Restore : Workloads are not locked when restore is in progress  
RHV-200 Selective restore : VM is not listed in VM Instances tab when any snapshot is selected for restore  
RHV-198 Informative/appropriate error message when snaspshot/restore fails due to host not configured with Trilio imageio  
RHV-133 Improper removal of snapshot images causes them to go into ‘Illegal_images’ from illegal status and delete can be tried.

RHV utility can be used to remove such disks

cd /usr/share/ovirt-engine/setup/dbutils
./unlock_entity.sh t all -q -c

to check which disks are in illegal status

RHV-129 Get an error while accessing Backup tab from a secure browser.

Use following command and access the backup tab from insecure browser connection. Go to the browser’s directory on CMD prompt and enter below command to open such browser

chrome.exe --user-data-dir="C:/Chrome dev
session" --disable-web-security
RHV-90 Snaphot creation failed with error “Cannot create Snapshot: VM is locked”

Before TVM snapshot to run, the VMs in the workloads needs to be in available/unlocked state.

To unlock if any of them is locked: SSH to RHV manager and run below commands sequentially:

#> cd /usr/share/ovirt-engine/setup/dbutils
#> source /etc/ovirt-engine/engine.conf.d/
#> ./unlock_entity.sh -t all -q -c;
#> ./unlock_entity.sh -t all
RHV-291 Backup Tab is not operational once we are browsing inside a workload  
RHV-289 Snapshot is failing for a workload with pool of 100 VM, “Error during SSO authentication access_denied : Cannot authenticate user ‘None@N/A’: No valid profile found in credentials..”  
RHV-286 file search goes forever if the search results misses attributes for files  
RHV-285 GUI Issue : Restore size shows 0  
RHV-283 Restore of VM with ~1 TB disk and data takes more than 6 hrs, stuck at “Create Disk” function in TVM-workload logs  
RHV-279 One Click Restore Error message : Incorrect erorr thrown when restore fails with VM already exists  
RHV-274 [RHV_SCALE] Prestarted Stateless Pools : Snapshot of VMs of such pools is not supported. Reboot such pre-started VMs or not create them as pre-started. When admin performs anything on such VM they are not stateless by nature.
RHV-267 Selective Restore of Templated VM was successful on its native DC eventhough changed the Storage Type from “Details” tab  
RHV-264 File Search : Sorting of snapshots based on “Created at” is not working on Firefox browser, however is working as expected on Chrome Use Chrome browser.
RHV-257 Errored snapshot(storage domain unreachable) failed to revert and is stuck in cleaning-up pahse  
RHV-237 TVM-UI Configuration fails at “Configuring Workload manager” due to nginx service not restarted. Start nginx services manually
RHV-236 Schedule needs to be disabled while upgrading TVM  
RHV-222 Staging is not being cleaned up properly in case of failures  
RHV-204 Selective Restore : Error Message needs to be correct when Storage Type does not match with DataCenter & cluster  
RHV-148 File Search for Linux, displaying wrong hierarchy  
RHV-141 Edit Workload >Schedule : Updating End date is effective post workload creation Disable and Enable the scheduler to setup a new end date
RHV-118 Failed backups are not purged at all by TVM Manually deleted failed backups
RHV-94 Backups are failing when there are hosts not protected by TVM Install image io on each node in RHV
RHV-87 Deleted VM should be reflected in workloads. Manually delete VMs from workload
RHV-68 Workload are geting created for unprotected hosts as well. Install image io all on nodes in the RHV

Please refer to Deployment Guide for additional Software and Hardware requirements